bst2222全球奢华游戏:GW10, a member of P450 subfamily regulates grain size and grain number in rice


GW10, a member of P450 subfamily regulates grain size and grain number in rice

Zhan, PL (Zhan, Penglin)  Wei, X (Wei, XinXiao, ZL (Xiao, Zhili)  Wang, XL (Wang, Xiaoling)   Ma, SP (Ma, Shuaipeng)   Lin, SJ (Lin, Shaojun)  Li, FP (Li, Fangping)  Bu, SH (Bu, Suhong)   Liu, ZP (Liu, Zupei)   Zhu, HT (Zhu, Haitao)   Liu, GF (Liu, Guifu)  Zhang, GQ (Zhang, Guiquan)   Wang, SK (Wang, Shaokui) 

Theoretical and Applied Genetics



Grain size and grain number play extremely important roles in rice grain yield. Here, we identify GW10, which encodes a P450 subfamily protein and controls grain size and grain number by using Lemont (tropical japonica) as donor parent and HJX74 (indica) as recipient parent. The GW10 locus was mapped into a 14.6 kb region in HJX74 genomic on the long arm of chromosome 10. Lower expression of the gw10 in panicle is contributed to the shorter and narrower rice grain, and the increased number of grains per panicle. In contrast, overexpression of GW10 is contributed to longer and wider rice grain. Furthermore, the higher expression levels of some of the brassinosteroid (BR) biosynthesis and response genes are associated with the NIL-GW10. The sensitivity of the leaf angle to exogenous BR in NIL-GW10 is lower than that in NIL-gw10 and in the KO-GW10, which implied that the GW10 should involve in the brassinosteroid-mediated regulation of rice grain size and grain number.

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